Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014 • 18:30 Uhr

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag im Rahmen der Caspar-David-Friedrich-Vorlesungen  / Schwerpunkt: „Kitsch und Klischee”

Art with no depth: René Magritte’s manifest for a “Peinture Vache" (1948)

Von: Professor Dr. Bart Verschaffel

Universiteit Gent

In his pamphlets „Le surrealisme en plein soleil“ and „Le manifeste de l‘amentalisme“ (1946), as well as with pseudo-impressionist works and the „vache“ paintings René Magritte rejected depth and seriousness in art. How to paint superficially?

Bart Verschaffel is Professor of Theory of Architecture and Architectural criticism at Ghent University (Belgium). He holds an MA in Medieval History and a PhD in Philosophy. He has published widely in the fields of Architectural Theory, Theory of History, Aesthetics, and Philosophy of Culture. He is the author of a series of documentary films on artists such as Jan Fabre, Henri De Braekeleer, René Magritte, Thierry De Cordier e. a. in collaboration with Jef Cornelis (BRTN). 

Moderation: Professor Dr. Michael Astroh

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