63rd Phylogenetic Symposium "Species Concepts and Speciation"

What is a species? - This seemingly simple question has been addressed by many generations of scientists and continues to be the subject of controversy. The symposium will give an overview of diverse species concepts and discuss their respective conceptual value and practical significance. In order to highlight and discuss the different aspects on species concepts and speciation, we invited seven speakers (see below). In addition to these invited talks, we offer the possibility to present a poster. We would like to conclude the event with a final discussion (moderated by Stefan Richter, University of Rostock).

Scientific direction:
Professor Dr. Peter Michalik and apl. Prof. i. R Dr Michael Schmitt (both Greifswald)

Conference Office:
Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald
Celia Baron M. Sc.
Conference organization and Fellow support
Phone +49 3834 420 5016