Conditions for face-to-face events

With the start of the winter program, we can expect up to 50 guests to attend the events in the Kolleg. Please understand that this can only be done under the following conditions:

  • Registration for attendance: If you would like to take part in an event on site, please register online using your first and last name, your e-mail address, your full address and your telephone number on the respective event page. The registration pages will be activated about a week before the event. The stored data of the attendance guests will be deleted four weeks after the event.
  • 2-G rule: attendance at events is only possible for those who have been completely vaccinated and those who have recovered. At the entrance we check all participants of an event for their immunization status against SARS-CoV-2 and ask you to present valid photo ID in addition to proof of the certificates. In the case of acute respiratory diseases, participation is excluded.
  • Mouth and nose protection: All those present are required to wear a mask during the entire event. In contrast to this, it is possible to remove the mask from the seat, but we recommend that you keep it.
  • Seat: The seats are arranged and numbered in the event room in such a way that they can be assigned according to the so-called chessboard scheme. Each participant is assigned an individual seat and the assigned seat number is recorded in the attendance list.
  • Livestream: Most events are also offered digitally as a live stream without prior registration. You can dial in via access to the virtual lecture hall or via the respective event page.

We wish you a pleasant and stimulating event!

Status: 23.09.2021
Please note that we will update this information if necessary.