Polish as a World Language


The "Greifswalder Polonicum" is an international summer school on Polish science, culture and language. It is financed by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, Essen, Germany. Seminars and evening lectures in English, German and Polish held by internationally renowned scholars provide the unique opportunity to learn more about the culture and diversities of Poland and the Polish language from a scientific perspective.

Focusing on the Polish language abroad we are offering the following seminars this year: 

Kinga Kozmińska (London): Language ideologies, linguistic practices and family language policy in the Polish-speaking diaspora

Justyna Budzik (Kraków): Polska literatura emigracyjna na kontynencie północnoamerykańskim /
Polish Émigré Writers in North America

Kinga Geben (Vilnius): Badania nad językiem polskim na Litwie

Academic chair:
Professor Dr. Bernhard Brehmer (Greifswald)
Dr. Marek Fiałek (Greifswald)

Anna Lena Klatt M. A.
Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald
17487 Greifswald
Phone: +49 3834 420–5026
Fax: +49 3834 420–5005

Call for Applications (Application Deadline: 8 July 2018)

Students and PhD candidates can apply for a travel scholarship for attending the Polonicum, see attachments for more information.

Attending the Polonicum at your own expense (there is no participation fee) is open to anyone interested.


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