TRACE 2018 – Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology

Internationale Fachtagung

The international conference “TRACE 2018 – Tree rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology” will bring together scientists and students that use tree rings as archives of environmental, historical, and climatological information. The conference will take place in Greifswald, Germany, from April 24-27, 2018, and is preceded by four pre-conference workshops.

The conference seeks to build bridges, and facilitate knowledge exchange between the different scientific disciplines working with tree rings. This is reflected in conference sessions with topics ranging from dendroclimatology and forest ecology, to tree physiology and dendroarchaeology.

Extended deadline for registration and abstract submission: January 31st

TRACE 2018 is organized by the tree-ring lab “DendroGreif” (Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology, University of Greifswald), in cooperation with the Association for Tree-Ring Research (ATR).

The organizing committee is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Greifswald!

Scientific Chairs and Organizers: Jill Harvey, Ph.D.; Jelena Lange, Dr. Marieke van der Maaten-Theunissen, Dr. Ernst van der Maaten, Dr. Tobias Scharnweber, Professor Martin Wilmking, Ph.D. (all Greifswald)


  • Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald

    Martin-Luther-Straße 14
    17489 Greifswald

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