Doing art in rural areas. Perspectives from Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania

Public panel discussion

Talking about rural art is talking about art in rural areas, art for rural areas, land art, community art and many more. Traditionally, we approach rural art from the countryside or from the city, but very recently many hybrid notions of rural and urban culture have come to the fore, due to new concepts of participation, politization or sustainability. So is there a rural art? Which infrastructures and working conditions are caracteristic for doing art in rural areas? How is ‚rural art‘ integrated into national or global networks? Which critical potentials does ‚rural art‘ have for a new notion of art and its audiences in general? Which role does the Baltic Sea Region play in the production of local music and art? - The round table will discuss these questions with two actors of music and art life in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Henriette Sehmsdorf, director of the opera ensemble Opernale e.V. from Western Pomerania, and Holger Stark, artist and director of the art galery Wolkenbank in Klein Warin/Mecklenburg.

Chair: Professor Dr. Gesa zur Nieden 


  • Henriette Sehmsdorf (Opernale e.V.)
  • Holger Stark (Galerie Wolkenbank kunst+räume)

with songs by Luise Greger interpreted by Joana Rueffer (vocals) and Benjamin Saupe (piano)

Venue: Auditorium of the University of Greifswald

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