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Ackeren, Private lecturer Dr. Marcel van

Fellow project: "Moral (Over-)Demadingness"

Albers, Professor Dr. Marion

Fellow project: "Biorecht. Ausdifferenzierung eines neuen Rechtsgebiets und Innovation des Rechts"

Alessiato, Dr. Elena

Fellow project: "Elements of an Ideological History: J.G. Spruce and the First World War"

Amar-Dahl, Dr. Tamar

Fellow project: "Holocaust-Verständnis im zionistischen Israel"

Aronova, Dr. Elena

Fellow project: "The Politics and Contexts of Science Studies During the Cold War: Instituting the Studies of Science in the U.S.A., U.S.S.R, and the U.K. in the 1950s-1970s"

Asselmann, Dr. Eva

Fellow project: „Examining the role of genetic vulnerabilities and environmental stressors for anxiety disorders: Evidence for individual, combined and interactive effects as well as…

Augsberg, Steffen Professor Dr.

Fellow project: „Gestaltungsgrenzen der Demokratie“

Azzouni, Dr. Safia

Fellow project: "Strategien populärwissenschaftlichen Schreibens im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert"

Bähr, Matthias Dr.

Fellow project: „Religion and Migration in Early Modern History. Ireland, Europe and the Invention of the Confessional Divide“

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