Professor Dr. Christa Dürscheid

Alfried Krupp Senior Fellow
(April 2018 - September 2018) 

  • Born 1959 in Kehl
  • Study of German and Romance literature in Freiburg and Cologne
  • Professor of German Language at the University of Zurich

Fellow project: „Writing and image in mobile communication“

Many texts written on a mobile device are characterized by a fast, quasi-synchronous message exchange and have strong dialogic features. This applies, for example, to communication via WhatsApp, for which a data corpus has been established in Switzerland that is currently being investigated as part of a large research project ( With reference to this data, the following questions arise: What are the differences between written dialogues and oral conversations? What are the features of emojis that are becoming more and more popular in WhatsApp chat? What is the relationship between the use of letters and the use of images? The Fellow project is situated in this context, but expands the perspective by questions that go beyond WhatsApp communication and generally concern the discourse on mobile everyday writing: How is this type of writing evaluated in public, and how is it to be judged from a linguistic point of view?