Dr. Matthias Bähr

Alfried Krupp Junior Fellow
(April 2019 - September 2019) 

  • Born 1982
  • Studied modern and contemporary History, Political Science and Public Law in Münster and Dublin
  • Researcher at the Institute for History of the Dresden University of Technology (Chair of Early Modern History)

Fellow project: „Religion and Migration in Early Modern History. Ireland, Europe and the Invention of the Confessional Divide“

In early modern research, Ireland has so far been described as the classic case of a religiously polarized society that is highly susceptible to conflict. The immigration of English and Scottish Protestants in the first half of the 17th century is regarded as a key event, even as a "Foundational Shock" of Irish national history. In order to overcome this one-sided conflict narrative and to redefine the relationship between denomination and migration in the early modern period, my project introduces the sociological tool of "intersectionality" into the study of early modern history. It will bring together three levels of analysis that build on one another and at the same time take up central impulses from recent migration research (1. biographical probe, 2. defined observation space, 3. level of comparison). Thus, the project offers a fresh perspective on how migration processes were managed under the conditions of multi-religiousness. In addition, it seeks to add intersectionality to the toolbox of early modern research.