Professor Dr. Kai Brodersen

Alfried Krupp Senior Fellow
(Oktober 2019 - September 2020) 

  • Born in 1958
  • Studied Ancient History, Classical Philology and Protestant Theology in Erlangen, Oxford and Munich+
  • Professor of Ancient Culture at the University of Erfurt

Fellow project: „Applied Sciences in Antiquity“

"Classical antiquity already had this!" Indeed, there is a lot of evidence for invention in antiquity, while sources for applied sciences seem to be rare. The classical world could thus be understood as a brilliant era of "purposeless science", which the "dark Middle Ages" forgot about, before the Renaissance rediscovered it, brought it to innovative applications and thus became the basis for modernity. However, this view is contradicted by existing, but mainly ignored sources for knowledge transfer in antiquity. On the basis of newly edited Greek and Latin works - in fields including agriculture, architecture, economy, geography, hunting, mathematics, medicine, mineralogy, pharmacy, tactics, training, and zoology - the project wants to understand in which areas and with which goals a knowledge transfer happened in antiquity and what significance applied sciences had in the classical world.