The Streets of Jerusalem

Raimund Graf: Jerusalem, Äthiopische Kirche // Ethiopian Church, Prozession // Procession, 1911 (Copyright: Dalman-Institut Greifswald).

20th-century Jerusalem was not only a meeting place for the three monotheistic world religions, but also for travellers from many nations. With their ‘foreign perspective’, the German visitors took photos of the Old City and its sights, but also the people and animals that lived there. In the exhibition ‘The Streets of Jerusalem’, selected photographs from Greifswald’s Dalman Collection merge to unfold a special topography of the city, in line with the biographies of the photographers.

An exhibition of the Gustaf Dalman Institute, University of Greifswald, curated by Dr. Karin Berkemann.

The exhibition „Streets of Jerusalem“ can be visited during public events. 

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