Dr. Petr Bubeníček

Alfried Krupp Junior Fellow 
(Januar 2013 - September 2013)

  • Born in Brno in 1973 
  • Studies of Czech Literature and Journalism and Mass Communication in Brno (Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University) 
  • Department of Czech Literature, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University (from 2003, Ph.D. in 2007)
  • Centre for Literary and Intercultural Studies 

Fellow-Projekt: "Czech and Central European literature on screen"

The main aim of this interdisciplinary project placed on the borders between literary and film studies and cultural studies is to examine Czech and Central European literature on screen. The object of my scrutiny is primarily the literary and filmic work of art. I will try to describe relations between literature and film in the context of their origin. In this research project, I will focus on three main topics: a) specification of the concept of adaptation and methods of its study, b) interpretation of the aesthetic nature of film adaptation (styles, genres, narrative structures, manifestations of intertextuality and intermediality, etc.), c) reconstruction of the creative process and production background of film adaptation (adaptation as a sociocultural institution). As regards methodology I will draw from theories of intertextuality, intermediality and narratology. I will be interested in art representation, art distinctiveness, literary and filmic methods, media combinations and changes, as well as transfers across media. While studying literature on screen today we cannot disregard other incentives, especially a wide range of non-literary sources which inspire adaptation . Stressing broader cultural contexts and economy in some cases will lead me to the origin of screenplays, laws and honorariums, the creative genesis of adaptation, choices and customs, production mechanisms of adaptation industry and other factors. The output of this project will be a book introducing new ways of thinking within adaptation theory and demonstrating the richness of this phenomenon in Czech and Central European culture of the second half of the 20th century. 

Fellow-Bericht im Studienjahr 2012/13