Professorin Dr. Olena Kotykova

(April - September 2023) 

  • Doctor of Economics Science
  • Professor of the Department of Accounting and Economic Analysis at Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Ukraine
  • President of Public Organization "Regional Center of European Educational Scientific Enterprises", Ukraine
  • Expert of National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, Ukraine
  • Expert of National Research Foundation of Ukraine, Ukraine

Fellow-Projekt: "Formation of the food potential of Ukraine on the basis of sustainable development of agriculture in the conditions of war“

On the world market, Ukraine is considered one of the largest suppliers of food - and this is true. So why do we ask this question? Ukraine has the highest level of arable land in Europe, but the level of consumption of animal products does not meet rational standards. Due to the long-term ban on the sale of agricultural land, the development of farming, as it has historically happened in other countries, is insignificant. Instead, giant agricultural holdings (over 100,000 hectares of arable land) appeared, which use advanced production technologies, but do not take care of the social development of villages and environmental problems caused by their activities. Just as unexpectedly, small farms (less than 1 ha of arable land) have a significant impact on the provision of agricultural products, where it is difficult to investigate the quality of products and their compliance with standards. So, we see the problems, but we still haven't found a solution to them. Our scientific work is focused on the study of the impact of various factors, such as the intensity of conflicts, climate variability, economic cyclicality, epidemics, etc., on the formation of food potential, provided that the balanced use of resources in the agricultural sector is ensured.