Air Quality in the Anthropocene Era – A Satellite Perspective

The term “anthropocene” has been popularized by the German Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen to highlight the fact that we are profoundly changing the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere and that some of these changes are comparable to those that occurred in the past geological era. One of these changes is  worsening of air quality over the entire globe. In mytalk I will discuss how we are using satellites to  study these changes.

Pawan Kumar Bhartia is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA. He is an internationally known expert on ultraviolet remote sensing of Earth from  space. He has received the Outstanding Leadership and the Distinguished Service Medals from NASA, and the Remote Sensing Prize from the American Meteorological Society for his study of Earth’s ozone layer using satellites.

Moderation: Professor Dr. Christian von Savigny

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