Proteomic exploration of lysine acetylation and ubiquitylation

Ubiquitylation regulates virtually all proteins and biological processes in a cell. However, the global site-specific occupancy (stoichiometry) and turnover rate of ubiquitylation have never been quantified. In my talk, I will present the first integrated picture of ubiquitylation site occupancy and half-life. Our work reveals general principles of ubiquitylation-dependent governance and offers conceptual insights into the dynamic regulation of the cell.

Chuna Ram Choudhary is a professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He carried out his doctoral studies at the University of Muenster and his postdoctoral training at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany. His group combines quantitative proteomics with cell and molecular biology approaches to investigate the dynamics and functions of lysine acetylation and ubiquitylation in cellular signaling networks. Chuna Ram Choudhary has received several honors and awards, including the EMBO Young Investigator award, the Elite Research Prize, and an ERC Consolidator grant.

Moderation: Professor Dr. Michael Lammers

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