Professorin Dr. Natalia Kudriavtseva

(Mai 2022 - August 2022) 

  • MA in Fremdsprachenpädagogik an der Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University, Ukraine

  • PhD in Sozialphilosophie, Institut für Philosophie, Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Professorin für Übersetzung und Slawistik an der Staatlichen Pädagogischen Universität Kryvyi Rih in der Ukraine

Fellow-Projekt: „Resistance in the occupied territories: the case of the southern city of Kherson“

Resistance is one of the integral components researched in the studies of occupation regimes. In various forms, resistance has featured prominently in the current occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Informed by the ethnographic data collected under the Russian occupation in Kherson, my project focuses on resistance in Ukraine's southern region. As a linguistic anthropologist, I concentrate on the languages of the public protests in Kherson and analyse the posters made by the protesting people and the handmade banners, and leaflets that they hung around. I also draw on the video recordings of the demonstrations and the slogans chanted by the people who took part in them. In my analysis, I aim to show how different languages that the protesters used reflect socio-cultural identities and reveal the lines of “separation and unification” constructed under the Russian occupation in Kherson. Fitting the general theme of language and identity, my project will not only provide an insight into the daily survival under occupation, but also show how identities of the so-called Russian speakers of Ukraine’s southern region are being re-shaped and re-constructed by the occupation and the war.