Disentangling the plant microbiome for health

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag

The microbiome is a crucial factor for plant growth and health. Although this fact is known more than 100 years, multi-omics technologies revolutionized this field of research. They revealed deep insight into the plant microbiome that now allow diverse applications in biotechnology, e.g. in the field of biological control of plant diseases. Moreover, the central role of the plant microbiome and their beneficial inhabitants for human and environmental health will be demonstrated.

Gabriele Berg studied biology and biotechnology at the universities in Rostock and Greifswald and obtained her Ph. D. in 1995 in microbiology from Rostock University (Germany). In 2003, she got a Heisenberg grant from the Deutsche  Forschungsgemeinschaft, and in 2005 she became a full professor in environmental biotechnology at Graz University of Technology (Austria). Her interests are focused on microbiome research and management for one health issues. She
received numerous awards, e.g. Science2Business Award Austria, ÖGUT Umweltpreis (2011) and Fast Forward Award Styria (2015), and, in 2018, she was on the list that recognizes world-class researchers selected for their exceptional
research performance (Web of Science/Clarivate).

Moderation: Professor Dr. Ulla Bonas


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