[Extern] Postcolonial Perspectives on Ukraine’s EU Integration: Moving a Periphery Toward the Center of the World Economy?

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Ukraine’s integration into the European Union will intertwine with the processes of Ukraine’s war-time resilience and post-war reconstruction. Thus, it will go far beyond conventional candidate’s compliance with the EU’s rules and standards and will be aimed at modernizing Ukraine’s economy, promoting its liberation from post-colonial Soviet dependencies and enhancing its further internationalization into the global economy. What developmental effects on Ukraine’s economic and governance structures are to expect in the process of the EU’s accession? In turn, what could be Ukraine’s contribution to enhancing European economic security in times of geo-economic rivalries?

Inna Melnykovska is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Political Economy at the Political Science Department at the Central European University. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin. Before joining CEU Inna was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. Her research has been published in Journal of Common Market Studies, Europe-Asia Studies, and Post-Soviet Affairs, among others. She currently works on the book, titled Global Money, Local Politics: Big Business and the Transformation of Crony Capitalism in Russia and Ukraine.

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