Global view on degradation in cancer

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Immunotherapy has revolutionized treatment options for cancer patients. Yet, most patients do not respond to therapy, response rates vary greatly between cancer types, and the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. By developing and harnessing novel approaches to study the epiproteome in the context of cancer we provide novel insight into ubiquitin-proteasome-mediated regulation of the tumor immunity and the response to immunotherapy.

Yifat Merbl earned her BSc in computational biology, summa cum laude (2003) from Bar-Ilan University, and her MSc in immunology (2005) in the lab of Prof. Irun Cohen at the Weizmann Institute. She earned her PhD in systems biology (2010) from Harvard Medical School. Working at the meeting point between biochemistry, proteomics, and immunology, she is addressing both basic and translational research questions in the field of cancer and immunity. Her lab focuses on uncovering regulatory mechanisms of the epiproteome, by studying changes in posttranslational modifications and protein degradation. Her lab developed several platform technologies which enable the analysis of biological samples in different disease settings. In the context of cancer, harnessing these approaches they have uncovered mechanisms regulating anti-tumor immunity by the ubiquitin-proteasome system. They also revealed the modified immunopeptidome landscape in cancer. These discoveries set the basis for translational research for biomarker and target discovery as well as novel therapeutic opportunities in a diverse set of human pathologies. Yifat Merbl is the recipient of numerous awards for her scholastic and academic excellence, including the Peter and Patricia Gruber Award, an ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants, innovation awards in collaboration with leading pharma companies and the Israeli Centers of Excellence - Young Investigator Award. She is also a co-founder of two biotech companies based on her technologies. 

Moderation: Professorin Dr. Elke Krüger


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