Spatial Justice and Europe’s Peripheral Regions: Past, Present and Future

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This talk will introduce a spatial justice perspective for understanding the peripherialization of regions in Europe, including rural regions around the Baltic Sea. Drawing on the Horizon 2020 IMAJINE project, it will briefly outline principles of a spatial justice approach and then focus in turn on the past, the present and the future. The ‘Past’ will briefly examine trajectories of regional inequalities over the last 50 years and the impact of EU policies. The ‘Present’ will investigate evidence on perceived current disparities between core and periphery, and rural and urban regions, and links to disruptive political movements. Finally, the ‘Future’ will use scenarios for territorial inequalities and spatial justice in Europe in 2050, developed in IMAJINE, to consider possible future pathways for rural areas in the Baltic region. 

Michael Woods is Professor of Human Geography at Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK, and Co-Director of the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD). His research has examined various aspects of rural change, including elaborating the concept of the ‘global countryside’ in the ERC GLOBAL-RURAL project, as well as extending to work on political geography, spatial justice and civil society, including through Horizon 2020 projects IMAJINE and ROBUST and the ESRC WISERD Civil Society Research Centre. He is author of books including Rural Geography (Sage) and Rural (Routledge) and is a former editor of the Journal of Rural Studies. 

Moderation: Professorin Dr. Christine Tamásy


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