Terror, Trials, Temporalities – Exploring Kathrin Röggla‘s Writing Strategies


Kathrin Röggla has repeatedly dealt with crisis situations in plays, essays and prose texts, not least in her literary confrontations with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the NSU trial. Alongside the question of how to observe exceptional situations and describe crises, there is always the question of how sudden extraordinary turning points or long-lasting processes affect temporal relations and the temporalities of literary writing. How does one counter the escalation logic of terror? What happens when real events are depicted in the subjunctive or in the mode of the future perfect? How can ongoing processes be captured, represented or realized in literature?

9.30                Welcome
9.45                Jean Lassègue (Paris)
“Looking for ‚secret America‘. Kathrin Röggla on 9/11”

10.30              Coffee

11.00              Ingvild Folkvord (Trondheim)
“Waiting for the rule of law. Ambiguous temporalities in Kathrin Röggla's literary work on the NSU-trial"

11.45              Eckhard Schumacher (Greifswald)
„Narrative (De-)Escalation. Trial and Terror in Kathrin Röggla’s novel ‚Laufendes Verfahren‘”

12.30              End of Workshop


Organization: Ingvild Folkvord and Eckhard Schumacher
Moderation: Philipp Ohnesorge and Nina Pilz
Registration via Email: eckhard.schumacheruni-greifswaldde

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