Combatting Emerging Infections in a One Health Approach

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Complex relationships between human and animal species have created new and global multi-faceted human-animal and animal-animal interfaces, driving an unprecedented rise in emerging infections in humans and animals. Viruses spilling over from wildlife reservoirs, either directly or via intermediate hosts, caused major disease outbreaks, like HIV, avian influenza virus, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and Ebola virus in humans, and highly pathogenic avian influenza- and morbilliviruses in animals. This emergence is paralleled by scientific medical, veterinary, and technological progress, spurring the never-ending combat against pathogens through diagnostic, anti-microbial and vaccine development efforts. Also a better understanding of the human-animal and animal-animal interfaces will offer a future head start in the continuing battle against emerging human and animal pathogens.


As professor of Virology in Rotterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands, and in Hannover, Germany, Ab Osterhaus has had a long track record as scientific researcher and PI of numerous major scientific projects. At Erasmus MC he ran the >40 persons virology diagnostic lab and the >100 persons virology research lab. His research programme followed a novel integrated “viroscience” concept, bringing together world leading scientists in molecular virology, immunology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and intervention studies on human and animal virus infections. Awards, prizes, guest lecture invitations, (co-)organisership of international meetings and editorships of scientific journals further highlight his international recognition. Most of all, Ab Osterhaus firmly believes scientists have a role to play in translating their knowledge for the benefit and protection of society.


Moderation: Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Thomas C. Mettenleiter

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