2 Minuten mit Dr. Nicoletta Bruno

‘Archaeologies’ referred to all kinds of treatments of early history, oral and written, ranging from genealogies and foundation stories to more general forms of mythography. They reveal origins and causes but is it possible to unravel the origins of the ‘archaeologies’?
This project has three groundbreaking goals:
i) the recognition of what remains of orality in written ‘archaeologies’, giving emphasis to performance in Greece and Rome;
ii) a selected collection of the ancient sources, for the first time in a single study, exploring the contents, structure, and recurring motifs of these ancient treatments;
iii) the analysis of the rhetorical strategies involved in writing a history of the remote past. The main challenge of this research proposal is to try to retrace the history, the processes of selection, loss, and reception of the ‘archaeologies’, by focusing substantially on the perspectives of ancient readers..

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