2 Minuten mit Dr. Nicholas Baer

The concept of perfection has enormous currency in today’s digital economy. The latest models of the smartphone, tablet, laptop, and television promise sharp, pristine images with lossless compression and a maximal likeness to reality. While Hito Steyerl has defended the “imperfect” image as an antidote to hegemonic media structures, I demonstrate that the concept of perfection itself is anything but stable or unequivocal in its meanings. Intervening in contemporary debates about “rich” and “poor” images, and “high” and “low” definition, my project offers a more differentiated and historically dynamic understanding of perfection as a key concept in global film and media theory. The project establishes the aesthetic category of perfection as a vital site of theoretical inquiry in the present age of digital technologies and pervasive neoliberal logics.

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